Providing North Korean refugee students with subjects such as English, Creative Writing, and Humanities.


Ha EunJung (Partner Lawyer of SHIN & KIM LLC)

Mission & Purpose

Providing classes on English, creative writing, and humanities for North Korean refugee students in order to facilitate student learning. With experts teaching the classes, we plan to foster future leaders of the Korean unification.

Our Approach

  • Pre-college programs including creative writing, humanities, and TOEIC classes during the vacation
  • Personalized programs such as Physiology and Microbiology
  • Graduates of the programs are given the chance of getting a scholarship
  • English speaking and writing classes for beginners
  • No participation fee

General information

  • Established on June 23, 2016
  • For North Korean refugee university students
  • To apply, register through the website prior to the starting day; students will be chosen after evaluation