Organizational Chart & Executive Introduction

Division Name Career Remarks
Chairman Park Sunyoung 18th Congressman, Dongguk University Professor
Board of Director Gu Chungseo Publisher of Mulmangcho Publication, Representative Lawyer of Law Firm J&C
Board of Director Kim Seokwoo Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Unification, Director of National Development Institute
Board of Director Kim Jongchul Director of Mulmangcho Dental Clinic, Former Professor of School of Dentistry, Seoul National University
Board of Director Kim Taeyoung Former Minister of Ministry of National Defense, Chief Director of Korean War Memorial Foundation
Board of Director Kim Hyun Former Chairperson of Korean Bar Association, Representative Lawyer of Sechang & Co.
Auditor Director Park Younghwi Representative Tax Accountant of JungHae
Board of Director Song Suhyeon Principle of Mulmangcho Open School, Lawyer of Hanbyol Law, LLC
Board of Director Son Kyungsoon Head of Mulmangcho Choir
Board of Director Sim Hwajin Former President of Sungshin Women’s University
Board of Director Lee Jaewon Head of Mulmangcho Human Rights Research Center, Representative Lawyer of Ulchi
Board of Director Jung Soohan Chairperson of Mulmangcho POW Rescue Committee, University of Ulsan Professor
Auditor Director Jung Wooyoung
Board Director of People And Peace (NPO)
Board of Director Cha DongGil Chairperson of Mulmangcho War Crimes Investigation Committee, Dankook University Professor
Board of Director Ha Eunjung Head of Mulmangcho Pre-College, Partner Lawyer of SHIN & KIM LLC