Jayeonhana, a company that values life through its superior health products.

1. Jayeonhana’s goal: We deliver well-being
  • Jayeonhana’s goal is to provide superior health products that can satisfy consumers who pursue a happy and healthy life.
2. Jayeonhana’s mission
  • Valuing life through superior health products.
3. Jayeonhana’s management principles
  • Consumer happiness: We place consumer happiness as an utmost priority.
  • Valuing life: We value life through practice.
  • Integrity and trust: We produce health products that can be trusted.
4. Jayeonhana’s history

2012 • March: Establishment of Jayeonhana • May: Release of Jangbium and V_clean • May: Submission of trademark applications for Jayeonhana, Jangbium, and V_clean • November: Submission of 2 patent applications 2013 • March: Launch of the Jangbium Pharmacy • April: Trademark registered for Jangbium • May: Release of Allium Hookeri Pills and Allium Hookeri Powder • September: Participation in the 2013 Exhibition of Food Materials hosted by FI KOREA • November: Selected as a venture business 2014 • February: Release of the Doctor-V Program 232 Diet

5. Implementation of the product safety process
  • Jayeonhana conducts safety inspections during investigations on food materials and process of storage.
  • Final products are regularly inspected by an exterior professional agency, upon our request.
  • jayeonhana is developing products and inspecting safety, health risks, etc. in collaboration with INB Institute of Technology.