From the CEO

The cleaner your insides, the healthier. Just as nature follows a wheel of life, our body thrives through exchange and coherence. Just as rice crops flourish when the water in the fields has been emptied, our stomach is healthier when food waste residue and other body wastes are released. Our company’s “Jangbium” and “V_clean” are health supplements that help clean the stomach. Made of natural ingredients, such as fiber, grains, and vegetable extracts, our products provide nutrition, including fiber and natural minerals, that improves visceral functions, helps emit body wastes and harmful substances by stimulating defecation, and helps improve digestive health and body vitality. Doctor-V Program 232 Diet” is a short-term alternative meal program, requiring consumption 2 times a day, 3 days a week, for 2 weeks. You can experience a weight loss of 2kg~5kg without any side-effects and the product helps improve physical constitution, manage body weight, and improve overall health. Allium Hookeri Pills / The powder consists of natural herbs that grow on Himalayan highlands at 1,400m in northern Myanmar. These herbs contain the most Methyl Sulfony Methane (six times more than the amount contained in garlic) and are natural plants from pollution-free regions that contain many natural minerals, such as nitrogen, potassium, iron, manganese, and zinc. Produced without any additives, this product purifies blood, increases body temperature, helps detox, and helps balance blood sugar. Jayeonhana visions a healthier society through the development of better food products. Our company will put in full effort into producing superior health supplements free of additives and side effects. I wish everyone a healthy everyday through a cleaner stomach with Jangbium. Gui Ja Son CEO, Jayeonhana. Co.,  LTD.